Your Guide to Self-Care This Season

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This season is known for its cool, dry temperatures and just like any other time of year, requires you to keep your self-care regimen in check! The arrival of the New Year allows you to implement new habits and set new goals across the board, from the health of your hair to the consistency of your skin routine. Keep reading for tips on how to keep your self-care solidified this winter season and beyond!


Book the Hair Appointment!

Whether your roots need a fresh coat of color or your split ends need a trim, winter is an optimal time to treat your hair with special care and nourishment. Opt-in for a deep conditioning treatment while in your stylist’s chair, chop off those dead ends (or more if you want to try a new look), and after, make sure to wash your hair less to help your scalp produce more natural oils and avoid breakage and dandruff.

It’s also smart to avoid hot tools on your hair during this time. Consider more protective hairstyles that don’t require as much heat or styling products to maintain, and with the cold and humid temps, never go outside with wet hair!


If you’re in need of a new hair care routine or products for winter, contact the team at JuST Imagine to get the insider scoop!


Skincare is of The Essence!

Consistency with your skincare routine is beneficial any season, but remains truest in the wintertime! Just like hair care, your skincare will need adjustments to accommodate the temps and weather the season brings. This is the time to book those hydrating facials and utilize the body lotions to lock in moisture all around. Don’t disregard the power of a dermaplaning or microneedling facial to keep your skin smooth and rejuvenated on top of the products you use!


A Season of Wellness

On top of keeping up with your own self-care, it’s important to care for your body and mind as well! Stay hydrated with water and electrolytes, take Vitamin D to combat the lack of daylight hours, and modify your physical activity to include more stretching time to warm up your muscles. Even a simple walk can move mountains in your daily routine! Be sure to book a Reflexology or Swedish Massage from JuST Imagine for even more rejuvenation and relief!


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