How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

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Hey guys, wondering how much hair extensions cost? We get it. When the time comes to rock a new look with hair extensions, you kind of get a little lost in the sea of options and prices surrounding you. Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered like a snug hat on a chilly day.

Cost of Different Types of Hair Extensions

First things first, let’s talk about the different types of hair extensions out there. From clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-ins, and fusion extensions, each type brings in its own charm. And, when you look at the pictures of how celebs and normies like us can rock them, you definitely want to hop on and rock some extensions yourself.

So, what’s the difference between the various types of extensions? Here’s a quick breakdown along with the cost of hair extensions:

Clip-in Extensions

Think of clip-in extensions as your trusty sidekick, always ready to add some pizzazz to your look in a snap! They come with small clips attached, making them a breeze to pop in and out whenever you please. Perfect for those spontaneous style changes without breaking the bank.

Installment: For traditional clip-ins, instantaneous; for some wigs (especially lace fronts), installment can take about an hour.

How Long They Last: Up to a week, depending on care

Cost: Varies depending on quality and amount of hair

Tape-in Extensions

Picture tape-in extensions as your sleek, seamless solution for instant length and volume. These bad boys are applied using, you guessed it, tape! They blend seamlessly with your natural hair and offer a quick makeover without keeping you stuck in the salon chair for hours.

Installment: About an hour and a half

How Long They Last: 6-8 weeks

Cost: $200-$400

Sew-in Extensions

Imagine a skilled tailor meticulously stitching together a masterpiece – that’s the essence of sew-in extensions! Also known as weaves, these extensions are securely sewn into tightly braided sections of your hair. While they may take a bit more time to install, the result is undeniably worth it for a long-lasting transformation.

Installment: Can take several hours and be very uncomfortable

How Long They Last: A few months; Considered to be the longest-lasting and the most seamless

Cost: Anywhere between $85-$600, depending on the type and amount of hair

Beaded Rows

Let’s talk about the chic and trendy beaded row extensions! Picture rows of small, silicone-lined beads placed along your scalp, acting as anchor points for wefts of extension hair. This method offers versatility and comfort, with minimal damage to your natural hair. Plus, the beads come in various colors, so you can match them to your hair for a seamless blend.

Installment: 2-5 hours, depending on the number of rows

How Long They Last: Can stay in the hair for up to 10 weeks and only need replacement hair every 6-10 months

Cost: $500-$800+, depending on the type of hair used

Halo Extensions

Ever dreamed of wearing a halo of luscious locks? Halo extensions make it possible!

This innovative style features a single weft of hair attached to a thin, discreet wire that sits comfortably around your head like, you guessed it, a halo! Quick and easy to install, halo extensions provide instant length and volume without any clips, tape, or adhesive.

Installment: A short salon visit to cut and blend the halo with the natural hair and then quick application at home as needed.

How Long They Last: Years, depending on care

Cost: $200-$500

Micro links Extensions

Get ready to embrace the tiny but mighty microlinks extensions! Also known as microbead or micro-ring extensions, this method involves attaching small bundles of extension hair to your natural hair using tiny, undetectable metal beads. The result? Effortless volume and length with a lightweight feel and natural movement.

Installment: Can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours in a salon

How Long They Last: 3 to 5 months, depending on hair growth and maintenance

Cost: Anywhere between $800-$1200

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Extensions

Now that we’ve covered the cost of hair extensions, you’re probably wondering “Which one should I get?”. Well, hair extensions aren’t a one-size-fits-all so here are 5 tips on how to choose the best for you!

Best Hair Extensions for Your Lifestyle

It’s crucial to consider the hair extension method that best suits your lifestyle. Hair extensions require extra maintenance, so if you think it’s worth waking up five minutes earlier to have fantastic hair, then you’re an ideal candidate for them.

However, if your schedule doesn’t allow you to maintain hair extensions on a daily basis, then clip-in extensions may be the perfect choice for you. You can use them on special occasions or days when you have more time to style your hair.

When you choose semi-permanent hair extensions, it is important to adapt your hair care routine slightly. However, your daily routine and activities won’t be affected. You can continue enjoying your hobbies and sports, be it skiing or going to the gym. To ensure your extensions last longer, you can take steps to protect them such as tying your hair into a low braid before working out to prevent tangling.

Perfect Color Match

When choosing the best hair extensions, one of the most important things to consider is finding a color match that matches your natural hair. Many companies offer extensions with different color blends, including dual-blended, tri-blended, and even bright colors. A perfect color match will ensure that your hair extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair, creating a natural and polished look.


Certified Stylist

You want to work with someone who’s a certified stylist when it comes to hair extensions. You might not have known this but, extension application isn’t taught in cosmetology school and is rather something learned by stylists independently. By going to someone who’s certified, you’ll be confident knowing they know what they’re doing and you’re going to receive a proper, seamless application.

At Just Imagine Salon and Spa, our stylists have the expertise, creativity, and knack to excel in various cuts and extension applications. Reach out to us at 770-784-2900 to request an appointment and experience the difference.

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