Your Beauty Basics For This Summer

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Beauty routines are meant to be switched up from season to season, and summer is no exception! With warmer temperatures and more time spent outdoors in the sunshine, our skin, hair, and beauty routines have to keep up with the shifts our body makes as the year passes by. Here are some basic beauty tips to keep your self-care routines in check for the summertime!


Summer Skincare

Summer weather can get quite hot, so adjusting your day-to-day skincare routine makes sense for all you plan to do! Opt in for more lightweight moisturizers and non-abrasive cleansers to keep your skin hydrated, even with the oily tendencies of the season (yes, if you have oily skin, you still need to moisturize during the summer). Up your sunscreen’s SPF level if you plan on staying out in the sun for hours on end, keeping it by your side to reapply.

All in all, follow the rule of thumb for seasonal edits to your skincare while still keeping your standard routine of cleansing, treating, and moisturizing: heavier in the winter, lighter in the summer! If you’re using self-tanner of any kind this season, extra moisture is also key!


Summer Haircare

Spending your summer days outdoors will take a toll on your hair if you don’t have proper care in place – that’s just a fact! Lose the hot tools where you can and invest in weekly hair masks to add extra hydration to your scalp and roots, as well as switch to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner duo. PSA: Rinsing your hair with cold water in the shower and before you hop in the pool lessens the chances of damage!

If you want to go a step or two further, grab a sun protectant spray specifically for your hair to combat the heat and UV rays, along with a sun hat to protect your hair and face from too much sun exposure. Better yet, stop by your salon experts at JuST Imagine for a quick trim to get rid of any dead ends or to switch up your look for this summer!


Summer Beauty

Just like your skincare, your makeup should be lightweight and dewy to achieve that true summer glow! Less powder and mattes the better to avoid cakey, uneven applications. Go for tinted moisturizers (in addition to your standard skincare products) and lip balms, cream blush and bronzers, liquid highlighters, and even multi-purpose products for a less-is-more look.

Keep your eye makeup in check with waterproof mascara and eyeliner – summer equals cooling off poolside or on the beach, so using waterproof products is definitely in your favor! Invest in a good primer to be the base of any makeup routine, one that controls excess oil throughout the day, as well as a heavy-duty setting spray to lock it all in!


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