Winter Season Self-Care

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Winter brings cold temperatures and bundles of clothes to wear, shorter days, and even chillier nights to weather. Our self-care routine shifts just like the seasons and that means more hydration and rest, all at the same pace as winter. Here are some tips for skincare, haircare, and beauty to keep you feeling your best this season!


Skincare: Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

During the winter our skin has less moisture due to less humidity in the air, making dryness a common issue for face and body care. But don’t worry, this is common for everybody! The ideal place to start is by drinking enough water every day – 8 glasses of water is the baseline for both men and women but can vary based on body type. The less water you consume, the more your dehydrated skin will overcompensate with oils!


As for skincare products, transitioning to cream-based moisturizers is perfect for winter, especially in your nighttime routine. Cream moisturizers are heavier than gel-based moisturizers and take longer to sink into the skin, making them perfect for wintertime self-care! Also, adding Hyaluronic Acid to your daily skincare routine will help your skin overcompensate less for lack of moisture. Don’t forget to layer on the lotion all over your body, hitting dry spots such as elbows, knees, hands, and feet!


P.S. Throw in a moisturizing bath bomb for a calm and relaxing treat to end your days!


Hair: Handle With Care!

Everybody has different hair types and in winter, any scalp and texture issues may amplify! Common problems during this season are dry scalp, flakiness and dandruff, and excessive use of heat tools. The bottom line? Treat your hair with kindness! Brushing more gently with wet or dry hair, moisturizing with conditioners in and out of the shower, plus turning down the temperature of your shower head will keep your hair happy! Also, the more gentle your hairstyles, the less breakage there will be.


Also, don’t skip out on haircuts during this season! Breakage is real and even more so if your hair is color-treated, so have a professional stylist in your corner to assess how much needs to be trimmed and if you should wait on another color treatment! Make sure to let your stylist know how you style your hair during the season – ponytail, tight bun, braids, etc. – so your appointment is filled with all the treatments to keep your hair’s longevity. This includes scalp clarifying and moisture treatments!


Beauty: Less is More!

Winter weather’s harshness varies wherever you go, which means having a standard winter makeup routine that can remain constant is a great hack! Makeup starts with your skin, so keeping your face and neck properly moisturized throughout the season makes for a beautiful canvas. The fewer powders and matte products you use, the better – stick with liquids and creams that are luminous and can aid dryness.


Winters can make your skin appear washed-out and duller than normal, so incorporating foundation and CC creams that are a shade warmer is ideal! Add in a little more blush and highlight for a natural glow as well. Don’t forget the waterproof mascara for when the rain and snow come to town!


We carry the SkinCeuticals skincare line and bareMinerals makeup line to meet all your self-care needs this winter season. Book your professional service with JuST Imagine Salon & Spa today!

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