The Yes & No’s of Summer Hair Care

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Summer is quickly approaching and with rising temperatures, travel itineraries, and days to be spent in the sun, you still want to ensure your hair stays in good condition for the season. Keep reading for things to say yes and no to during your summer activities and vacations!


Yes To: Hair Treatments

If you plan on changing your hair for the summer with a new color or highlights (anything involving chemicals on your roots or hair strands), protection is of the utmost importance! Consider adding a deep conditioning treatment to your hair appointment with your stylist and doing deep conditioning treatments at home every now and then to maintain your hair’s hydration.

Leave-in conditioner will also be your best friend throughout the summer days – be sure to apply it before the activities begin to avoid excess dryness! Let’s not forget the one treatment that takes no time to put on your head… a hat, scarf, or bandana! 


No To: Heat Styling

During the summer, it’s imperative to avoid hot tools like curling irons, straighteners, and even the hot settings on your blow dryer! Air drying your hair is the best method during this time. Find ways to style your hair without heat, such as buns, braids, or makeshift curl rollers.


Yes To: Hair Trims

Trimming your hair is already a seasonal standard and with the humidity and heat that arrives with summer, hair trims combat against split ends and dull strands! Be sure to add a trim with your appointment to keep your hair looking fresh.


No To: Washing Hair Too Often

Washing your hair strips your scalp of its natural oils, and washing it too many times a week can dry it out rather than replenish it! Cut back on hair washes during the summer, and opt-in for a dry shampoo option in between washes so no one can tell the difference!


Yes To: Booking Your Visit With JuST Imagine!

Come to JuST Imagine this season for all of your hair needs! In this Georgia heat, you deserve only the best hair care professionals, and you’ll find them right here at our Salon & Spa in Covington. Contact us today to learn more!

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