Beauty Trends to Try This Fall!

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There’s always the emergence of a new beauty trend or two with the changing of the seasons! From viral makeup trends to new skin and hair products, it’s always nice to stay in the loop in case you’d like to take part. Keep reading for fall trends to look out for this season and beyond!


Lightweight, Natural Looks

Cream products are all the rage now, especially to make your base makeup look as flawless and natural as possible. That way, more boldness is achieved through a pop of color on the lips and a defined brow! If you can’t let go of your full-glam habits, don’t worry. Think of your blush, bronzer, concealer, and foundation as the first layer before setting it all with a second layer of powder products! Not only will your makeup be mapped out as a base, but it will last all day.


Makeup tip for the fall season: Want to achieve the no-makeup makeup look more often? Invest in lash extensions to keep your eyelashes clump and smudge-free from mascara!


Warm, Subtle Hair Color

To match the falling leaves, this is the time of year to add warm browns and natural tones to your hair! With a full color, subtle highlights, or a balayage, your hair will look revitalized and full of definition. As for trending hairstyles, slicked-back styles are very popular and suit any season! A ponytail or bun with sleek, tight hair is a powerful statement, and you can make your personal taste come alive with how you style your baby hairs and bangs.


A hair care tip for fall season: Schedule a haircut or style to refresh your hair after the adventures of summer! This is the perfect time to chop your ends if you feel like changing it up.


Hydrating, Repairing Skincare

Switching from summer to fall means moving from lightweight moisturizers and creams to heavier, repairing formulas. This is so you can replenish the moisture of your skin day and night as temperatures fluctuate. Make sure to moisturize your WHOLE body!

Even if the skies are cloudy, always apply SPF – the most important, protective step!


A skincare tip for fall: Book a custom facial from your local salon and spa to rejuvenate your skin after summer and address all your concerns heading into the colder months!


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