3 Reasons to Book a Summer Spa Day

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Naturally, summertime is about having a good time with friends and family, spending lots of time outdoors, and most importantly, treating yourself! Treating yourself can happen any time, any season, but with all the sunshine you’ll be basking in during the summer, self-care is the ultimate necessity. A spa day is perfect to knock out your skincare, body care, and personal upkeep in just one visit and leaves you feeling refreshed. Keep reading for why you should book a summer spa day with us here as JuST Imagine Salon & Spa!


#1: Your Skin Deserves The TLC

If you tan easily, are prone to sunburns, or simply spend a lot of time outside during the summer, taking care of your skin is so important! Aside from rigorously applying SPF and seizing every opportunity for a pool day, you can take your proactiveness one step further and book a facial and/or massage service! Rejuvenating your skin is key this season, so why not give your skin the TLC it deserves with a hydrating back facial or balancing Swedish massage?


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#2: Alone Time = The Best Time

Summer is a time of community and taking trips with your loved ones, which may leave little time to yourself. Booking a spa day (or half day) carves out time where you are taken care of when it’s tough to make it happen yourself. Your well-being is your top priority and handing the reins of your self-care over to your spa professionals is a prime example of that!


Also, the beauty of a spa day is that they are not one size fits all – they’re meant to have a variety of offerings to cater to your individual needs. If you only have an hour of free time, book a joint massage and facial service. 20 to 30 minutes? Schedule a mini facial! There are plenty of options to craft your perfect spa day… let JuST Imagine show you how it’s done.


#3: Your Professionals Love What They Do!

Trust us when we say… our stylists and estheticians are in this because they love it! Here at JuST Imagine Salon and Spa, we provide services that are backed by our passion for beauty and giving our clients an experience like no other. Ready for the JuST Imagine impact? We’re ready for you, any season!


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